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What Are Nafion™ Ion Exchange Materials

Nafion™ is a Trademark of The Chemours Company for its perfluorosulfonic acid polymer. The polymer has cation exchange properties and has excellent chemical stability similar to Teflon™. Unlike Teflon™ however, it adsorbs and swells in water due to the sulfonic acid terminated side chains on the fluoropolymer backbone.

What is Nafion™ used for?

  • Membranes: From thin, high performance fuel cell membranes to tough reinforced membranes for punishing industrial conditions.

  • Dispersions: Nafion™ polymer is dispersed in solvents, used for coatings.

  • Pellets: Nafion™ PFSA Superacid Resin is a bead-form, strongly acidic resin developed for heterogeneous acid catalysis in a wide variety of organic reactions.

  • Tubing: We can form the membranes into tubes via a heat sealing process for applications requiring cylindrical membranes

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