We are proud to announce that as of March 2019, Ion Power Inc. celebrated its 10th year of operating on renewable wind and solar energy at our manufacturing facility in Delaware, USA!

Our dedication to this cause truly kick-started with the installation of a 90 KW Vestas wind turbine on a 130 ft tower in March 2009. We connected it to our facility and produced almost 500 MW-hrs since its installation, saving over $70,000 in electricity costs! In 2017 we added a 215 KW solar array, making us an official net exporter of electricity!

For the United States of America to take the same leap into renewables as Ion Power Inc, we estimate a total investment of $17.5 trillion would be needed for the installation of 5 million wind turbines. These turbines would produce an estimated 30,000,000 GW-hrs of electricity annually; equivalent to the current annual United States energy demands in all forms. If placed in the typical spacing of 10 turbines per square mile, it would take up the empty, uninhabited areas of Texas, North and South Dakota (perfect terrain for wind farming). 

This $17.5 trillion investment may seem unattainable, but let’s put this into perspective. In 2010, the United States spent over $1.2 trillion in mining fossil fuels for its energy. Now this is a far cry to our proposed $17.5 trillion investment, but consider this: this would be the largest infrastructure investment our government would undertake in her entire history, yet all it would take for a complete and total payoff is 15 years of operation. That’s it! In 15 years time, the United States would massively reduce the cost of energy, our skies would be cleaner, the oceans would slowly return to normal levels, and the United States would finally be an example to the rest of the world on how to transition entirely from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

We are hoping the rest of the United States takes notice and follows the same example we have chosen to follow; $17.5 Trillion in exchange for zero CO2, and zero soot, zero acid rain, zero nuclear waste , zero fracking, zero coal sludge pits, zero oil spills, we can do it!